The following website was created to disseminate data from NSF-Young Investigator Award Plant Genome Research program-funded research project DBI-0332418 "Proteomics of Seed-filling in Oilseeds" awarded October 1, 2003



Plant seeds are important renewable sources of natural products such as oil, protein, starch and fiber. Though the biosynthetic pathways for these storage compounds are mostly known, it is not clear how these pathways are regulated in oilseeds which produce higher quantities of oil and protein. To better understand the integrated processes ocurring during embryogenesis and seed-filling of select oilseeds, total proteins isolated from whole seeds at key developmental stages will be resolved, profiled and identified. Proteomic analysis of four diverse oilseeds, Arabidopsis, oilseed rape, castor and soybean will collectively provide more insight into seed-filling than analysis of any single oilseed.

Software tools

  • Musite: predict general and kinase specific phosphorylation sites in multiple species.
  • SpotLink: create a 2-D gel web database similar to www.oilseedproteomics.missouri.edu with this tool. Alpha software for developing web pages from a gel image and associated information about each protein spot.
  • DecoyDBCreator: create decoy search databases (FASTA) for peptide/protein identification from mass spectrometry data. It supports the creation of reversed and randomized decoy databases from any custom FASTA protein database. Requires Java 6 install.


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